GreyCat Python

You can access Python SDK versions at

How to login to GreyCat

Following the Python SDK 101 tutorial should leave you with all the necessary setup to run GreyCat and Python together.

Start the GreyCat server

Create a simple project.gcl file. Create a user with the name, hashed password and other properties as shown below. Use the SecrutiyEntity::set() static function to set the newly created user so that it will be accessible in the runtime.

use runtime;
use util;
fn main() {
  var user: User = User {
    id: 0,
    name: "admin",
    activated: true,
    external: false,
    role: "user",
  // Logging
  User::setPassword(, Crypto::sha256hex("changeme"));

Run the command to start the server in the same directory as the project.gcl

greycat serve

It will start the server in your local host at port 8080.

Access the GreyCat server in your Python package

In any of your Python package you can call the running server with your credentials and play with it.

from greycat import *

def main(url: str, username: str, password: str):
    gc: GreyCat = GreyCat(url, username=username, password=password)

if __name__ == "__main__":
    main("http://localhost:8080", "admin", "changeme")