An exploration and administration Web application provided by default by any GreyCat server.

Available by default in serve mode at http://localhost:8080/explorer/

Dashboard - GreyCat Server overview

This is the landing page of the application. It gives an overview of the current information regarding the connected GreyCat server and the currently logged-in user.

Explorer Dashboard

Graph - Explorer nodes & edges

This page is accessible at http://localhost:8080/explorer/graph/, and gives a mean to browse the graph starting at the user-define module variables.

Each type in the standard library has been mapped to a specific view in order for the user to dive into there graph and sample/query/display their data in the best way possible.

Explorer Graph

Functions - Call @exposed functions

This page is accessible at http://localhost:8080/explorer/functions/, and gives the ability to call any @exposed function right from the browser.

Thanks to GreyCat type-system, the arguments inputs are dynamically created at runtime, allowing users to access any newly created @exposed function by just reloading the explorer tab.

Explorer Functions

Tasks management

This page is accessible at http://localhost:8080/explorer/tasks/, and provides an overview of the running tasks. As well as the list of past task executions.

Each entry in Running and History can be clicked to see more information about the selected task.

Running & History

Explorer Tasks List

Per task information

Explorer Task Update

Periodic Tasks (eg. cron)

This page is accessible at http://localhost:8080/explorer/periodics/, and it works pretty-much the same as the /explorer/tasks page but allows the created task to be run periodically.

List of the periodic tasks

Explorer Periodic Tasks List

Update a periodic task

Periodic tasks can be updated after creation, be clicking on any entry in the table.

Explorer Periodic Task Update

Users / Roles administration

This page is accessible at http://localhost:8080/explorer/admin/, and gives an overview of the currently defined users and roles.

Explorer Admin

Create (or update) a user

Explorer Admin User

Create (or update) a role

Explorer Admin Role