To ease the usage of GreyCat, we have developed an extension for VSCode and a plugin for CLion and IDEA.


The GreyCat extension ease a lot you journey in code editing by giving:

Syntax highlighting & static analysis

Any file with a .gcl extension will have its content highlighted.

VSCode Extension Highlight

If this file is a part of a project, then it will also be analyzed statically for diagnostics (eg. warning, errors, hints).

VSCode Extension Error

For a GreyCat project to be statically analyzed a project.gcl file must have been opened.

Once opened, the analysis server will parse the content of the whole project structure by following the optional @include() and @library() statements.


During development the extension will help by giving auto-completion assistance.

VSCode Extension Auto-complete


The extension also adds the documentation of each symbols (provided that there is one) within the auto-complete tab.

VSCode Extension


The extension also provides a symbol renaming feature and a go to definition feature and more.