GreyCat Technology is proprietary software from DataThings.

It is distributed under two variants.

  1. Community
    • free, commercial usage allowed
    • up to 4 workers and 16GB of cache memory
    • support on demand (contact datathings sales team)

  1. Enterprise
    • yearly licence (contact datathings sales team)
    • scalable from 16GB to +512GB cache and up to 1024 workers
    • security and SSO integration
    • advanced ML algorithms
    • SLA and priority support

Disk storage is unlimited for both distributions.

GreyCat language (GCL) and associated API are not under license.

GCL is none invasise, and GCL code remains the property of its authors.

Open Source ABI

GreyCat runtime leverage an Application Binary Interface (ABI) to exchange data fron Server to Disk and Server to Clients.

DataThings distributed under an Apache Licence 2.0 the (ABI) implementation under SDKs.

Those SDK available for the following languages: (TypeScript, Python, Java).

By leveraging those SDKs, developers can read data stored in GreyCat with no restrictions.