GreyCat: code your data !

It is not a database that you query, it is an evolving structure that you code. GreyCat technology is a programming language combined with graph and time series databases to make closer processing and data stores. Closer means faster execution and faster development cycles by avoid intermediate layers and their inescapable overhead and maintenance.

Getting free from tabular jail

When discussing data storage and retrieval, we often think of databases (DB): structures where data is stored and fetched. When building analytics to empower live monitoring, scalable pre-processing to feed AI algorithms or next gen simulator we often use the DB as cornerstone. Due to this, devs will probably suffer major headaches to engineer the complex mapping between their compute structures and tabular datasets. Due to this, DB admins will endure long nights to understand why some queries crash the DB index and need tremendous energy to optimize this. Due to this, your data scientist will try to code directly in scripts a terabyte data transform and crash a terabyte RAM server. Due to this, your data project has to abandon the most essential features since your whole team is afraid to update the DB schema.

Every day, we build high-performance data-processing engines over massive datasets and with the rise of complex features AI relies on, the need for a more agile and adaptive system has become obvious. We realize that databases are extraordinary pieces of software, so what is wrong is the way we use it. Fortunately, there is another way: bringing code and data closer. First, to improve execution, but also to reduce the complexity overhead, which push the limits to advanced processing. We have built GreyCat: a programmable data graph that represents a quantum leap in how we understand and interact with data.

Understanding the Next Generation of Data Management:

  • it is not a database that you query, it is an evolving structure that you code
  • it is not a tabular data, join and filter system, it is a graph that you traverse
  • it is not a temporal, geo, text specialized database, it is a multi-indexing capable graph, handling equally well time-series and geo specific data
  • it is not a database for which you will spend nights tuning SQL queries, it an imperative language where complexity naturally follows the control flow structure
  • it is not a scripting language wrapping some cool libraries, it is a full language, compiled to talk to the best database structures, relieving you from disk to memory issues
  • it is not a replacement for SQL or vector databases, or your advanced python scripts, it is the missing glue between those worlds!

Who is it for?

From the data enthusiast that struggles to handle a heavy Excel spreadsheet, to the engineers that design national digital twins that handle billions data points per seconds, the job is always the same, insert data, tweak the process, test, repeat. Every byte counts, and we build GreyCat with this in mind, so regardless of your IT capabilities, you can handle it all, no need to use horizontal scaling when a single computer can do, it will be cheaper, perhaps even faster. With GreyCat we are empowering devs to handle data processing within commodity hardware, your data, your IT, your way. GreyCat is built by Java, JS, Python, TypeScript, Rust, C, C++ guys. You like imperative programming language? Fine, GreyCat is about for loops and if conditions to write scalable pipelines. In you ever used any of the above languages, you should be GreyCat-fluent in a few hours.

What for?

  • smart grid digital twin that handle national-scale consumption data and participates to the energy transition,
  • live monitoring system for your microservice architecture,
  • real-time analytics for Industry 4.0 edge computer engine,
  • DIY enthusiast handling small heating data in RaspberryPI computer,
  • banking data engineer looking at catching up to live transaction processing.

Your data, your way and we will be here to make it run, even fly!

.The GreyCat Team